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The Hudson Family Tree
Enjoy browsing through the descendancy tree of John Brown "Grub" Hudson. The main source for most of this information is the Genealogy of the John Brown "Grub" Hudson Family by Mirl C. Hudson, updated continually with information from individuals and records available on the Internet. If your own information is incorrect, incomplete, or you desire it withheld, please let me know.
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John Brown "Grub" Hudson Tree

 John Brown (Grub) Hudson
  born 1838, died 1917
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 Thomas Calvin Hudson
  born 1860, died 1936
 Minnie Florence Hudson
  born 1886
  married 1859
 Minerva Carney

  born 1840, died 1920
  married 1885
 Mattie Elizabeth Summers

  born 1866, died 1906
 Ola Elmer Hudson
  born 1889
 Lena May Hudson
  born 1893
 Harra O. Hudson
  born 1896
 Otto Hudson
  born 1899, died 1918
 Clara Elizabeth Hudson
  born 1862, died 1946
 Ethel May Taylor
  born 1884
  married 1883 
 Ruben Taylor

  born 1861, died 1943
 Beatrice Taylor
  born 1886
 Arvel Earl Taylor
  born 1889
 Dove E. Taylor
  born 1891
 Pearl Taylor
  born 1894
 Jake Burrell Taylor
  born 1896

 Raymond E. (Dock) Taylor
  born 1899

 Mark Taylor
  born 1901, died 1937
 Glenford Rosco (Fox) Taylor
  born 1904
 John David Hudson
  born 1866, died 1955
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 Uda Clarence Hudson
  born 1889, died 1980
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  married 1887
 Francis Charity Summers

  born 1870, died 1964
 Aud Carrol Hudson
  born 1892, died 1985
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 Etta May Hudson
  born 1894, died 1994
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 Isaac Jacob Hudson
  born 1868, died 1946
 Mirl Clesson Hudson
  born 1900, died 1980
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 Samuel Hudson
  born 1869-78, died in childhood
 Otis Earl (Dinkey) Hudson
  born 1904, died 1970
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 Tennessee Hudson
  born 1870-79, died in childhood
 Oval Harold (Crickett) Hudson
  born 1908, died 2002
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 Mariah Ann Hudson
  born 1880, died 1961
 Estel Hollingshead
  born 1904
 William Spencer Hollingshead
  born 1881, died 1957
 Loren Hollingshead
  born 1907
 Bill Birt Hollingshead
  born 1913
 Clarice M. Hollingshead
  born 1918
 Audrey Delia Hollingshead
  born 1921

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