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The Hudson Family Tree
Enjoy browsing through the descendancy tree of John Brown "Grub" Hudson. The main source for most of this information is the Genealogy of the John Brown "Grub" Hudson Family by Mirl C. Hudson, updated continually with information from individuals and records available on the Internet. If your own information is incorrect, incomplete, or you desire it withheld, please let me know.
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Aud Carrol Hudson Tree

 Aud Carrol Hudson
  born 1892, died 1985
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 Mana Firl Hudson
  born 1914, died 2003
 Ronald Arthur Baird
  born 1932
  married 1913
 Gladys May Ellis

  born 1898, died 1931
  married 1930
 James Arthur Baird, Jr.

  born 1905
 Janet Arlene Baird
  born 1934
Janet Arlene Baird
 Joel Richard Hudson
  born 1915, died 1982
 Judith Ann Hudson
  born 1938
  married 1936
 Madeleine Parslow

  born 1920
 Joel Alan Hudson
  born 1939
 Hattie Pauline Hudson
  born 1917, died 2004
  married 1933, divorced before 1949
 Sam Leonard Duncan

  born 1912, died 1998
 Marvin Leroy Duncan
  born 1936
  married 1949
 Bill Kirk Shuping

  born 1916
 Douglas Kirk Shuping
  born 1951
 Aud Carrol (Odas) Hudson Jr.
  born 1919, died 1975
 Richard Carol Hudson
  born 1940
  married 1938
 Valda Mara Nagel

  born 1920
 Barbara Jean Hudson
  born 1941
 Leroy Carl Hudson
  born 1943
 Lorraine Mara Hudson
  born 1945
 Floyd Valin Hudson
  born 1921, died 1963
 Norman Craig Hudson
  born 1943, died 2004
  married 1943
 Lois Nadine Grosdidier

  born 1925, died 1980
 Elaine Marie Hudson
  born 1945
 Frederick L. Hudson
  born 1948, died 2004
 Stanley Valin Hudson
  born 1954, died 2004
 Duane Keith Hudson
  born 1955
 Daryl Gordon Hudson
  born 1960
 Donald Newell Hudson
  born 1923, died 2007
 Donald Lee Hudson
  born 1943
 Doreen Mary Lee
  born 1925, died 2005
 Stephen Edward Hudson
  born 1946
 Larry David Hudson
  born 1951, died 1955
 Blanche Vera Hudson
  born 1925
 Carole Mae Brookins
  born 1945
 Ralph Brookins
  born 1923
 Connie Marie Brookins
  born 1951
 John Carl Hudson
  born 1928
 Janeen Carole Hudson
  born 1953
 Elsie Marie Fredericksen
  born 1925
 Denise Carolyn Hudson
  born 1955
 Cindy Diane Hudson
  born 1959
 Linda Marie Hudson
  born 1961

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