December 18, 1892

March 14, 1985

Aud Carrol Hudson

Aud Carrol Hudson, the second son of John David and Francis Charity Hudson, was born on December 18, 1892, in the communlty of Flat Creek, Missouri (Barry County). On January 17, 1913, he married Gladys May Ellis, born on May 6, 1898, in Galena, Missouri (Stone County). Eight children were born to this union: Mana Firl, Joel Richard, Hattie Pauline, Aud Carrol Jr., Floyd Valin, Donald Newell, Blanche Vera, and John Carl.

Aud and Gladys resided on the L.G. Mattingly Farm near Galena, Missouri, when they were first married. Early in 1915, they moved to the John Ellis Farm in the same community. In December, 1916, Aud and Gladys and their two children moved to Southern California and resided in and around Rivera, a small community about ten miles east of Los Angeles. Aud worked on several fruit and walnut ranches. Sometime in 1920, they moved back to Missouri and settled on the Fred Aken Farm near Galena, Missouri. In 1922, they moved back to California and settled in Montebello, California. Aud established a fruit and vegetable business which he ran until moving to the Selby Ranch In Rivera. In 1926 Aud went to work for Universal Oil Company. He and Gladys bought a home in Downey, California and were living there when Glayds died on December 8, 1931. She was buried in Downey Cemetery. Aud continued to work for Universal Oil Company for about thirty-two years. He retired around 1963 and resided in Stanton, California, in 1968. Aud died in Anaheim, California, on March 14, 1985, at the age of ninety-two. He was buried in the Downey Cemetery, California.