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DHI Dave Hudson Illustration Portfolio

Dave has been doing illustration for over twenty-five years in a variety of media. Scroll down to see some samples of his original work.

Casey Junior Circus Train

This and the following two illustrations were done for a book on Disney's railroads in Adobe Illustrator.
This one is of the Casey Junior Circus Train, June 2008.

Marie E. Engine

The Marie E. Train engine and tender, June 2008.

Mine Train

Disneyland Nature's Wonderland Train engine and tender, June 2008.

Sandeling Waterfall

The Sandeling Waterfall is one of Jingxi's most interesting sites, depicted in this acrylic painting, summer 2004.


A trip to Lijiang, Yunnan Province, inspired this acrylic painting, began in 2001 and completed in 2004.


This acrylic painting of the Kona Coast was started in Kona and completed in China, in 1999.


This Macromedia FreeHand illustration was done to illustrate a kind of spring for braces in 2003.

Tip O'Neal

This acrylic portrait of the late Speaker of the House, Tip O'Neal, won an award in the 1984 Society of Illustrators Student Competition.


These tropical fish were illustrated with a traditional double-action airbrush in 1986.

DInosaurs' Revenge

This acrylic painting, done in 1987, is a view of what the Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History would look like if the dinosaurs came back for revenge.

Strawberry Festival

This t-shirt design was produced in Macromedia FreeHand for the Arroyo Grande Strawberry Festival 2000.

Kathleen Turner

This acrylic painting of Kathleen Turner was done in Garden Grove in 1988.

Pizza Guzzler

Macromedia FreeHand was used to build this pizza meal for Grotto Pizza in Maryland, 1996.

Bella Luna Keepsakes

Bella Luna Keepsakes is a music box company. This label was done in Macromedia Freehand in April 2000.

Van Halen Guitar

This Macromedia FreeHand illustration was created to advertise the Ernie Ball/Music Man Van Halen Guitar in 1992.

Ramada Inn

The Ramada Inn commissioned this acrylic painting to advertise their Disneyland location in 1987.


This is a Macromedia FreeHand cutaway illustration of a valve done in 1993.

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