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John Brown Grub Hudson and Related Families History and Genealogy

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Family Tree
A descendancy family tree of John Brown "Grub" Hudson with small biographies. Definitely a work in progress!

Read about John Brown "Grub" Hudson's life, and wade through the long and detailed autobiography of Mirl C. Hudson.

Check out photos of people and places in Hudson history, and help name some unidentified relatives.

Browse memorials of Hudson family members who have left this world.

Check here to see any updates on upcoming Hudson Family Reunions.

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Original Genealogy Book
Want to see the original "Green Book"? Download a PDF of the John Brown (Grub) Hudson Family published by Mirl C. Hudson in 1968 (7.4 MB).

Google Earth FileUse Google Earth? Click on the icon to the left to download a kmz file with the likely location of the John Brown "Grub" Hudson Farm in Flat Creek, MO.

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Carney Family
Descendents of Thomas Carney, grandfather of Minerva Carney, John Brown "Grub" Hudson's wife.

Hudson Ancestry
Another Hudson genealogy site that goes back a few generations above John Brown "Grub" Hudson.

Lon Hudson Farm RoadWho Are the Hudsons?

Welcome to the somewhat official web site for the descendants of John Brown "Grub" Hudson and their related familes. I hope that by exploring these pages and learning about the history of our family, you will better understand who we are as Hudsons. Grub Hudson fought for the Union in the American Civil War, but may have been a greater asset to the Confederates (read more about this in the stories section). What we do know is he made people laugh, and perhaps it's his sense of humor has been passed down through the generations.

In 1969, my grandfather, Mirl C. Hudson, published the Genealogy of the John Brown "Grub" Hudson Family. He did a tremendous amount of research, traveling across the nation, to city halls and cemeteries, making phone calls and writing letters. There was no Internet in the 1960's, but if there had been, he would have used it. Years ago I decided to take up where he left off and publish a new edition to his book, only this time it will be published here, online, where it can be updated regularly and appreciated by a much larger audience.

This website will only be as good as the input I get from other family members. If you have information I am lacking, corrections, or any suggestions, please don't hesitate to let me know. I will be happy to share resources and answer questions as well.

Above photo: Road to Lon Hudson Farm, Flat Creek, Missouri

What's New?

November 2010 - Since the site launched in May 2009, I have added more sixth and seventh generation trees and made some corrections. Also, I just added the a link (to the left) to download a PDF which contains scanned pages of the original Genealogy of the John Brown (Grub) Hudson Family published by Mirl C. Hudson in 1968 (popularly referred to among Hudsons as "The Green Book").

May 14, 2009 - The newly redesigned Hudson Website including this Hudson Family Genealogy page has gone live! The redesign was a bit of work, but as word gets out, I'm hoping this page will become a wealth of information about the Hudson Family. The family tree now contains the first five generations... check back often as I begin to add in the sixth and seventh generation trees!