Notes on the Family Tree
from Dave Hudson

The purpose of this web site is for us all to learn about our family history and to get to know each other. I am not a professional genealogist or historian, so I may not be following strict genealogical guidelines. My goal is to make this family tree as accurate as possible, but also friendly and easy to understand. With this in mind I would like to make several points clear:

  1. Whenever possible, I am trying to use my grandfather's format for the biographies of individuals.
  2. I have chosen to include some children from previous marriages, which are normally identified by a note and the lack of a gray connecting bar. My definition of what constitutes family may be broader than others, so I apologize to those who would prefer a more narrow approach.
  3. Adopted children are given the same connecting lines as natural birth children, with the adoption date noted, if available.
  4. I have chosen to include non-marital relationships that resulted in the birth of a child, using the symbol in the chart labeled "cohabitated".
  5. I have chosen to include same-sex marriage relationships where the marriage was considered legal by the state. This does not reflect my personal opinions regarding the issue of same-sex marriage.
  6. If your family information is missing or incomplete, send me information, and please be patient. It will take a while to get to every family down to the 7th generation!