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The Hudson Family Tree
Enjoy browsing through the descendancy tree of John Brown "Grub" Hudson. The main source for most of this information is the Genealogy of the John Brown "Grub" Hudson Family by Mirl C. Hudson, updated continually with information from individuals and records available on the Internet. If your own information is incorrect, incomplete, or you desire it withheld, please let me know.
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Oval Harold (Crickett) Hudson Tree

 Oval Harold (Crickett) Hudson
  born 1908, died 2002
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 Marjorie Catherine Hudson
  born 1934, died 1962
 Stephen Edward Burcham
  born 1956
  married 1933
 Tressa Louise Earnhart

  born 1912
  married 1954
 James Edward Burcham

 Sharon Kay Burcham
  born 1957
 Denzil Hudson
  born 1939
 Michael Lynn Hudson
  born 1958
  married 1958, divorced 1994
 Jean Marie Hartwigsen

 Sue Ann Hudson
  born 1960
  married 2004
 Glendalene Amos

  born 1938
 Donna Jo Hudson
  born 1963
 Mary Catherine Hudson
  born 1972

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