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The Hudson Family Tree
Enjoy browsing through the descendancy tree of John Brown "Grub" Hudson. The main source for most of this information is the Genealogy of the John Brown "Grub" Hudson Family by Mirl C. Hudson, updated continually with information from individuals and records available on the Internet. If your own information is incorrect, incomplete, or you desire it withheld, please let me know.
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Etta May Hudson Tree

 Etta May Hudson
  born 1894, died 1994
More Info
 Retha Fay Harris
  born 1913
 Jerry E. Davis
  born 1929
  married 1911
 Roy E. Harris

  married 1928, divorced
 Orphas Davis

 Dorothy Lodean Davis
  born 1931
  married 1944
 William R. Smith

  born 1884, died 1961
  married after 1931, divorced
 Elton Barnes

  married 1950
 Frank P. Law

  born 1902, died 1968

 Lowell R. Harris
  born 1915

 Dannie Harris
  born 1940
  married 1949
 Dorothy Rickman

  born 1922
 Jimmie Harris
  born 1941, died 1941
 Stanley Harris
  born 1943
 Raymond Harris
  born 1945
 Mildred Lois Harris
  born 1919
 Bobby E. Baker
  born 1936
  married 1935
 Thomas Floyd Baker

  born 1917
 Floyd J. R. Baker
  born 1937
 Billy Gene Baker
  born 1939
 Lonnie Louis Baker
  born 1942
 Shirley Kathleen Baker
  born 1946
 Carolyn Sue Baker
  born 1948
 Tommy M. Baker
  born 1952
 Donna Jo Baker
  born 1955
 Gary W. Baker
  born 1958
 Doyle O. Harris
  born 1921
 Judith Ann Harris
  born 1952
  married 1951
 Thelma L. Harris

  born 1932
 James Edward Harris
  born 1953
 Jackie Lee Harris
  born 1955
 Julie Merie Harris
  born 1959
 Noel L. Harris
  born 1924
 Kenny N. Harris
  born 1947
  married 1946
 Ann Gold

  born 1928
 Johnie D. Harris
  born 1950
 Tammie Ann Harris
  born 1957
 Georgie Marie Harris
  born 1928
 Harold Eugene Weber
  born 1948
  married 1946
 Harold Alvin Weber

  born 1924
 Ronald Wayne Weber
  born 1951
 Jimmy Dale Weber
  born 1958
 Ueal E. Harris
  born 1930
 Paula Ann Harris
  born 1953
  married 1951
 Betty Pauline Smith

  born 1933
 Ruth Etta Harris
  born 1955
 Sherry Lynne Harris
  born 1958
 Diana Uealene Harris
  born 1959
 Lorene Harris
  born 1931
 Brenda Joyce Hampton
  born 1948
  married 1947
 Charles Hampton

  born 1925
 Barbara Jean Hampton
  born 1956
 Connie Jo Hampton
  born 1960

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