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The Hudson Family Tree
Enjoy browsing through the descendancy tree of John Brown "Grub" Hudson. The main source for most of this information is the Genealogy of the John Brown "Grub" Hudson Family by Mirl C. Hudson, updated continually with information from individuals and records available on the Internet. If your own information is incorrect, incomplete, or you desire it withheld, please let me know.
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Uda Clarence Hudson Tree

 Uda Clarence Hudson
  born 1889, died 1980
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 Lorita Fern Hudson
  born 1912, died 1986
 Michael Hudson Hull
  born 1936, died 1998
Michael Hudson Hull
  married 1911
 Mabel Clara Curry

  born 1893, died 1978
  married 1932, divorced 1939
 Denver Hull

  married 1944
 Harold Dana Shearn

  born 1909, died 1961
 Juanita Pearl Hudson
  born 1914, died 1997
  married 1951
 John German Speirs

  born 1902, died 1983
 Loyd Aud Hudson
  born 1916, died 1994

 James Darrell Hudson
  born 1950

James Darrell Hudson
  married 1949
 Evelyn Sposito

  born 1918
 Helen J. Hudson
  born 1920, died 1996
  married 1959
 Charles Leslie Wood

  born 1913, died 1982

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