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Funny English

Thirsty? Why not try a sorf drink?

A new sport was added to the 2008 Beijing Olympics!

If you are thirsty, you could always go to this bar in Shanghai, where there is apparently no limit to how much you can drink (the Chinese says, "free beer").

This was a sign on the front of a hospital in China... not one I would like to go to if I was sick.

Finally, a bank that will improve your overall well being.

This restaurant settled on a memorable (but unpronouncable) name. Maybe there was a shortage of vowels at the sign company that day.

Nutrition gruel just sounds so delicious!

Speaking of buses... this bus sign encourages passengers to forget about relaxing on the trip and to just keep cleaning.

Nuts! I have to leave my poison and nuclear waste behind on this bus trip!

This inspirational message was on a sign in a train station in Taiwan.

This was a warning sign to keep people from spontaneously running across the train tracks when a train was approaching. It sure kept me from doing so.

We would agree heartily that it's not very nice to torture disabled people (submitted by a friend and taken at Warwick Castle, UK).

Are you conferring boundless benefactions on your offspring?

This sign is very puzzling... based on the Chinese, it should be something like an airline boarding gate (submitted by a friend in Guizhou).

Here are some pretty strange park rules. Have you ever been tempted to relieve your bowels or doodle trees?

Here's an example of a spot in Yangshuo, China.

Even trains get occasional constipation!

Many people in China like to wear pajamas out on the street, hence the need for this sign at a hospital in Taiwan.

This was submitted by a friend who saw this sign in Bolivia. What exactly is an American car anyway?

Let's try to watch our "P"s and "T"s, okay?

I know if I was on fire, I probably wouldn't take the lift either.

We passed by this rather wordy restaurant while recently in Kunming.

This sign was submitted by a good friend living in Malta (special thanks to onlyinmalta.com).

Are they encouraging us to slip on this escalator or what?

Men need to be gentle when going to this public restroom in Hong Kong.

We opted not to try the "Wheast Food" at this restaurant in Kunming.

This sign advertising a new block of offices in Nanning says it all.

It took us a while to figure out the meaning of this sign on the restroom door of most trains in China.

A construction sign in Nanning that seems to imply that everything is working just fine.

In the Kunming Train Station, this sign hangs above the entrance to the boarding area. By the way, the leaves never did show up.

Apologies to anyone who might be offended at what this clothing store sells...

Haven't you ever wondered where to deposit your small packabes during an intraday?

My son and I were shocked one day when we went to the local hospital to find a sign posted with with the following message:

Sorry! The doctors are in theater.

This one was submitted by a friend who saw a sign at a park in Chengdu with the following words:

The grass is having a rest please mind your step and don't annoy it.

This sign on a highway in Taiwan answers the question we've all been wondering, "Which way is noth?"

The name of this fashionable clothing store was just close enough to saying "bulemia" that we included it on our page. Small dress sizes only.

When I first noticed this banner advertising an apartment complex, I distinctly thought it said, "let the world smell". Then I thought, wait, are they trying for "snail"? Close observation revealed that we should indeed let the world smile.

Every young woman should aspire to become... a PP Girl!

Running out of ideas for pizza toppings? Why not try some Insect Pizza... what a concept!

Some fast food restaurants serve fresh food. Here's one that serves up something else fresh.

You wouldn't want to eat at a restaurant with ugly food, now would you?

How does one stay so ture these days?

This list of rules appears on a sign at a park. Have fun trying to figure out rule number 4.


For your security and the conservation of natural resources, you may pay attention to:

1. Please comply with the public order, civil virtues, unity and fratemity.
2. Please go sightseeing along the road, do not cross rails and play with fire.
3. Please protect the sights and the equipments, No writing and car ng.
4. No smoking, no throwing garbage omnivorously.

Every bar ought to have some good ol' American Table Dancing.

The last word on this sign seems to have no relationship whatsoever to any English word we can think of.

This is one of several signs seen around the Guangxi Teacher's College.

Dieters beware of this restaurant in Thailand...

This is no ordinary laundromat in Kunming:

A sign at the Nanning Train Station, which to this day, no one has figured out the meaning of (but the Chinese, of course, is clear):

A sign next to an elevator (ouch!):

Do not spread your head outside elevator.

Here's a restaurant in Kunming, China, with an English name that leaves much to be desired:
This sign on a restaurant in Madrid was submitted by a friend of ours:

On a another trip to Kunming we found this delightfully descriptive sign. Where? On the next building...

How about the name of this hair salon?

Peautyhair Improveone'slooks Salon

A "Restaurat" in Nanning:

In case you can't read the text in the photo it reads:


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