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Funny English

You don't want to get too close to this young girl...

Any suggestions on where this t-shirt might have come from?

Here's a juicy t-shirt design from Taiwan that makes little sense.

In China, we often see original and creative brand names like this one.

Okay, this clothing label just makes no sense whatsoever.

One day while on a bus I read this deep and meaningful message on a girl's t-shirt::

You like me I like you
I've had it in the chillest,
and on strangest sea

I'm sure this young girl has no idea what a cold woman she really is.

Here is a t-shirt that somehow escaped the Disney spellchecking team.

Aren't you just dying to wear these new shoes? We really love them to death.

Here's another great slogan we found on a t-shirt:

I have the main scene of life

This corpulent man looks so happy to have his very own briefs.

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