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The John Brown "Grub" Hudson Story
An excerpt from the Genealogy of the John Brown "Grub" Hudson Family
by Mirl C. Hudson

The Story of My Life
An autobiography by Mirl C. Hudson
    Part 1
    Part 2
    Part 3
    Part 4

The Story of My Life by Mirl C. Hudson (Part 4)

Mirl Playing FIddlePhoto: Mirl Hudson (on the right) playing the fiddle with a friend.

On December 7, 1941 My brother Aud came over and him and I went to Church at South Gate, on the way back from Church we herd on the radio that the Jap's had attacked Pearl Harbor. That was a glumy day for us all. Three days later Gerry our son inlested in the U.S. Coast Guard. He reported for duty on January 2, 1942. While taking his Boot Camp training on Treasure Island, San Francisco Calif, Ruth and I visited him for two days. The night we returned home we had our first black out in Montebello, and I had to go on duty at the Gas office. There was an unidentified plane flying over southern Californis.

That same year Ruth went to work for the Dougles aroplane factory, as an inspetor. On december 4, 1942 I obtained military leave of absense and listed in the United States Air Force at Santa Ana Army Air Base in Santa Ana California. After 21 days basic traning I recieved the rank of Corporal and was assined to the Post Engineeres. I was incharge of heating, that is heat for the barraks and hot water, also 13 Mess halls.

The early part of 1944 I intered the Bace Hospital and had my gall bladder taken out, was in the hospital about 5 weeks. About June the same year I had all my teeth pulled and got my set of G I teeth, and that was the year I got a fulow and went back to Mo to see my folks. I traviled by train, the Union Pacific. This was in March 1944. The train pulled out of the East Los Angeles station at 2pm, arrived in Kansas City two days later at 4PM. Left Kansas City by the Frisco at 7:45 Pm arriving in Springfield at 10:30 Pm. Stayed all night at the U.S.O. Left Springfield at 9 Am the next morning va the Missouri Pacific on a Sheep train for Crane Mo. arriving there at 11:30 Am. Road in an old car with wooden seats and a pot belled stove in the center of the car. Visited my folks for two weeks and left by train for Los Angeles. The train was crouded and I had to stand up from Kansas City to Wicita Kansas before I could get a seat. Gerry had gotten married in April that year, and in October was stationed in Duluth Minn. His wife Gloria moved up there and they lived in an apt. About the first of November Ruth traveled by train to visit them. I recieved my discharge on November 18, 1944 and returned to my job as a Serviceman with Southern Counties Gas Company, working out of Whittier.

Early in 1945 I was permoted to G.O.58 Forman, tital changed later to G.O.58 leadman. I helt that position untile June 1, 1956 when I recieved a job assiment as a sercice inspector. On May 14, 1945 My first grandson was born, Dennis Michael Hudson. And on June 19, 1947 My second Grandson, Gearld Dean Hudson Jr. was born in New York City. In Aug 1947, we desided to visit my son and family in New York. Ruth and I left at 6 oclock on a friday afternoon, as soon as I got off of work. We eat a bite and took off for the unknown, headed Northwest to Las Vegas Nevada. We had a good 1941 Chevolett, and two extra weeks of vacation, which made five Weeks in all. The Gas Company had refunded me $600.00 on my pension fund, so we had plenty of money and lots of time to spend. We arrived in Las Vegas about dark and drove on to Sto George Utah that arriving there about 3:30 am. I was getting pretty sleepy by this time, so we drove into a filling station and got gas, and had a cup of coffee at a near by restrant.

I drove out to the side of the road and we slept until day light. Then took of on Highway 91 and took 189 to Heber where we stayed all night in a motel. The next morning we drove down to Green River Wym and eat Breakfast and on to Cheyenne Wyoming and visited my Cousen Minnie who worket at Skirvin Hotel. We stayed that night at a Motel in Cheyenne. The nest morning we drove to North Platt and had a bite to eat, and on to Plattsmouth Nebraska and stayed allnight at a motel. The next day we drove to Terra Haute Inda and stayed all night in a tourist home. The next day we drove to Westfield Penn. and stayed all night in a motel. The next morning we drove over to Niagera Falles and spent about two hours and then drove down to Peekskill N.Y .and stayed all night in a tourist home. The next morning we drove down the Hudson River to New York City, crosse the Brooklin Bridge to Brooklin, found my son Gerrys apt, we stayed there about a week Gerry was working, Dean was little so Ruth and I drove down to Cony Island one day, and the next day we took the subway to Manhatten and went to the top of the Impire State Bldg. Gerry and I attended a ball Game at the Yankee Stadium between Cleveland and the New York yanks.

We left New York on a Monday by way of highway 40 and the New Jersey Turnpike To the Pennsylvania Turnpike to Pittsburg, and to Wheeling West Virginia, where we stayed all night at a motel. The next day we drove to Decatur Illinois ant stayed all night at a Motel. The next day we drove to St. Louis Missouri and Highway 66 to Springfield Missouri and on to Crane, where we visited my folks fro about a week and then on to California.

In 1948 My son and his family moved to California from New York. On Octover 10, 1948 we moved in our new home on north Taylor. We had it built to suit our plans. The price was $15,500. We did some improvments like building a block fence and putting in a new lawn. In 1955, Ruth and I took a triip to Missouri in a 1952 Pontiac, I had baught me a new 35 MM Camera and set out to take lots of color slids, on the way to Missouri we took Highway 66 all teh way, I had sved two extra weeks of vacation, so I had 4 weeks all togather. We spent about two weeks in Missouri and when we left for home we drove to McPherson Kansas and visited some friends of ours. We stayed all night with them and I took my first airoplane ride with the people we stayed all night with. We left there the next day on Highway US 50 to Pueblo Colorado and stayed all night in a motel. The next morning we drove up to Colorado Springs, to the Garden of the Gods and took some pictures, and then we drove to the Royal Gorge and Crossed the Gorge on the famos Bridge, The U S 50 Highway winds along the Arkansas River and then climbs past Texas Creek in an area of outstanding beauty (31Miles). A short Trip off US 50 leads to the Royal Gorge. Here we crossed the world's highest suspension bridge which swings 1,053 feet above the river in a setting of rugged beauty. Then we drove on west up a winding road up the Ardansas River to Salida Colorado. We stopped here and had dinner cooked on a wood stove, and I must say it was a delishe dinner. Then we drove on west over the Monarch Pass, and down into the Tomichi River valley. By the way the Monarch Pass was 11312 feet. We drove on up to Gunnison and stayed all night. The next morning we drove over to Montrose and had brakfast, from there to Grand Junction and on in to Utah to Thistle, where we hit Highway 89 to Richfielf and stayed all night, the next morning we dorve on down to Bryce Canyon Natl Park, from there to Zion Nat'l Park and onto St. George And stayed all night and on home the next day.

We had only used up three weeks of my vacation, we took the other week in September when we made a trip up north, stoping in Placerville and visited some friends of ours Chat and Velma King. We stayed there two days, and then drove over to Chico and tryed to find some friends of ours by the name of Minard and Leota Taylor. We did int find them but stayed all night in a motel, and the next morning drove up to Grants Pass Oragon and on over to Crescent City and stayed at a motor Hotel. From there we drove through the Redwood Forest and down to Eureka California and visited Oda and Valta Hudson for two days, and on the Morro Bay on Highway 1. Stayed all night at a motel and on home the next day.

In 1956 I made a trip to Missouri with Bernice Summers my Cousen, by way of Oak Creek Canyon Arizona. I took several color slides Of the majestic red walls and pinnacles, towering to 2,500 feet from the canyon floor a beautyful sight. Then we drove up the Grape Vine turn road to Flagstaff, and on down to Williams and stayed all night at the Thunderbird Motel. The next morning we drove 90 miles to the north, to Grand Canyon ond had brakfast at teh Canyon Inn. Then drove 57 Miles along the south rim of the canyon to Highway 89, then south to Flagstaff, where we hit 66 and on to Holbrook, where we left 66 and drove south on 180 to the Petrified Forest and then North to the Painted Desart and back on 66 to Grants New Mexico, and stayed all night, next day driving to Oklahoma City and stayed at the Thunderbird Motel. The next day we took the Turner Turnpike to Tulsa and the Will Rogers Turnpike To the Missouri Line and on to Crane Missouri, where I visited my sister and Mother. My dad had passed away the year before. I road back to Cailfornia with my brother in law George Irby and Family.

In 1957 my brother Aud and I made a trip to Missouri by the Union Pacific train, we were gone two weeks.

In 1958 Ruth and I made a trip to Missouri by car was gone three weeks. In 1959 I made a trip to Missouri by train the Santa Fe Rode the El Capaitan, was gone two weeks.

I believe it was in 1960 I was getting ready to make a trip to Missouri by train, when Ruth ask me why I dident go first class for a change. So I made resevations on the Super Cheaf, Roomett no 24. The train pulled out of Los Angeles at 4pm. I had never seen a Roomett before, and when we arrived in San Bernardino, and started up the Cajon Pass I begun to get sleepy, and desided t go to bed, so I started trying to figer out just how to get the bed down. I puthed buttons pulled levers and did everthing I could think of. I finley found out that the bad must be in the wall, and I found a lever behind my seat which by pulling, the bed in th ewall would come down, I had the door the the room locked, not knowing that it had to be partly open inorder to get the bed down. So 62 miles and one hour later I finly managed to get the bed down, but it wouldent stay down. We were pulling into Barstow, when I finly found a latch at the foot of the bed to hold it down. So I went to sleep before we left Barstow. When it come daylight we were pulling into Flagstaff Arizona. I had never eat in a first class dining car before, and I made it prety good for Brakfast. But I sure pulled a gooden for dinner. I looked over the minue, and dinners was shat I concidered high as a cat's back, the cheapest meat dish was over $8.00 so I found an Oster stew for $4.00. I had never eaten any Oster stew so I ordered it. They started bringing the different stuff out and sat a dish of something I thought was the stew. So I took a big spoon full of it and put it in my mouth and was it hot. It was horse redish sauce. We pulled into Kansas City, the next morning about 8 o'clock and I changed trains for Springfield on the Frisco line, on what they called the Florida flyer, ariving at Springfield about eleven am. Changed traines, the Will Rogers Spical to Aurora, where I visited my mother and sister for two weeks, then returned home. In 1963 I made another trip to Missouri early in March. On May the 28th 1963 Ruth, my wife died suddenly. Shortly after her death I sold the home and moved to Whittier. On November 1, 1965 I retired after forty and one half years with the Southern Counties Gas Company. I was living in an appartment on So Comstock in Whittier, I sent for my sister that fall, she stayed with me for about a month. The next year I baught a new Chev, ant went to Mo, and stayed untile early fall, then my sister and I left for the west, stopping at Tulsa Oklahoma, and stayed all night with our Cousen Minnie. The next day we drove to Tucumcari, New Mexico and stayed at the Ramoda Inn. Then drove up to Santa Fe, and had drakefast and on to Pagosa Springs Colorado, stayed at a Western Motel. Pogosa Springs is a tipical western town with the beautiful San Juan River rushing down through town. The next morning we took the famous Highway 160 the Navajo Trail, to Durango, through the Yellow Jaket pass, 7700 ft El. Durango, is located on the banks of the Animas River and is the gateway to Ouray (79) miles parallels the Animas River and the Hermosa Cliffs through breathtaking passes over two miles high to picture former boom town Silverton, on highway 50, called the Million Dollar highway, built of gold bearing gravel. We took highway 550 south to Astec and Farmington New Mexico, where we visited our Cousans Dock and Bud Taylor, a short while, and drove from there down to Gallup by way of Shiprock, stayed at the Ramada Inn. The next day we drove to the Painted Desart and Petrified Forest Arizona, and then to Flagstaff on 66 and left Flagstaff, for the Grand Canyon, and to Williams and stayed all night at the Thunderbird Motell. Next day we drove to Bolder Dam and Las Vegas Nevada, the tempture was 111 as we drove through Las Vegas, from there we took highway 95 to Lathrop Wells, and to Joel Hudson's ranch, and stayed all night, and home the next day.

In 1968 (according to tradition) I made another trip to Missouri, my oldest brother and his wife made the trip with me, they flue back to California by jet, and I stayed all summer with my sister in Aurora. I left Missouri for California, just after labor day. My sister-in-law traveled with me back to California.

On April the 11th of 1969 I left Whittier California, for the Pacific Northwest. Left at 5 AM arriving at Bakersfield about 10, on interstate 5. I stayed all night at Chico that night. The next morning I left Chico, heded north and stayed all night at Salem Oregon. The third day, I pulled in to Stanwood Washington, and found the real estate office where my Neice Hattie, and her husband worked, arriving there at 3:30 PM. At that time they lived on Camano Island, about 15 miles from Stanwood.

Camano Island is a beautiful wooded Island connected with the mainland by a bridge at the nothern end.the cottage they lived in was a five room cottage locaed on the southern tip over loooking the blue Pacific.

The next weekin, my neice and I drove down to Seattle and did some shopping, and drove over to mukilted, and boarded the ferry to the southern tip of Whidbey Island drove to the Northern end of the Island 62 Miles, by way of Deception Pass had dinner, and drove on to Mount Vernon and on down to Stanwood.

The next week, we pland a three day trip to British Columbia, we drove to Anacortes and took the ferry to Orcas Island, and stayed all night at the Rosario Resort Hotel on beautiful Orcas Island, located in the scenic San Juans in evergreen Washington State. Rosario is a complete resort and recreation community. While there, we visited the Rosario's unique Music Room, with it's giant Kimble pipe organ, and then from there we intered the vista Room Cocktail Lunge, then into the marvelous, varied buffet fresh seafood dinner. The next morning we boarded the ferry to Sidney, Vancouver Island, and drove down t Victoria B.C. Had dinner and drove around town and took in all the sites, Then we drove up to Nanaimo and boarded (the Queen of Prince Rupert) for the mainland at Greater Vancouver. While in Vancouver, we visited the famos Stanlty Park, and many other points of interest. We stayed at the holday Inn Hotel in down town Vancouver, and back the the States the next day.

We made several trips to the Cascades Mountains. One such trip was up the Skagit River to baker dam, by way of sedro Woolley. I left Stanwood on the 31 day of May on Interstate Highway 5 to Evert Washington, and took State Highway 2 to Leavenworth, over the Stephens pass and down the Wenatchee River. From Leavenworth I took highway 97 over the Swauk Pass to Cle Elum, where I stayed all night with My cousens Mazie and Pearl of whome I hadent saw for over 65 years. The next day I left Cle Elum on Inter State 90 Winding down the Yakima River to Yakima Washington, there I turned off on Highway 97 to the Columbia River, crossed the river at Murdock and hit Interstate 80, down the Columbia River to Portland. From Portland I hit the Interstate 5, and triveled south to Eugene Oregon, and turned off on highway 58 to the Willamette Pass And to Cresent lake, on down to Highway 97 to Beaver Marsh and left Highway 97 just south of Beaver Marsh to Crater Lake, ran into quit abit of snow, 6176 elev. Some places I was up to over 7000 feet Elv. The jagged 7000 foot-rim of a collapsed volcano circles blue Crater lake in the Cascade Mountains. The Wiserd Island where a cinder cone rises 760 feet above the lake's surface. I took a side trip to the Pinnacles, where tall graceful spires and columns carved from pumice are etched against the sky in several canyons.

I left Craetr Lake on Highway 62, but here is where I made a mistake. I went the wrong way, ending up in Klamath Falls. I wanted to go to Medford, so I drove about 90 miles out of my way. I left Klamath Falls on Highway 66 to Ashland and hit Interstate 5, and drove north to Grants Pass and stayed all night at the Great Western Motel on the banks of the Rogue River. The next day I left Grants Pass on highway 199 ti Crescent City Calif. had brakfast and headed south on 101 to Eureka Cal, through the Redwood Forest, stayed all night at Otas and Valta Hudson's. And on the 4th of July I left Eureka for Calpella, where I left Highway 101 on to Highway 20 to Yuba City, and stayed all night. The next morning I drove over to Placerville to visit the King's, friends of mine, they had moved from there, and I drove on down to Tulare, and stayed all night. On July 6th I drove to Dakersfielf and visited my neice, and on over to Lancester Cal, and stayed all night, and home the next day.

On July 17th 1969, I left California for Missouri, and much to my supprised I found the roads improved alot. Interstate 40 bypasses all the large towns, such as Flagstaff Arz, Albuquerque New Mexico, Amarillo Texas, Oklahoma City, Tulsa.

I arrived in Crane Missouri about the 21th of July. My sister Etta, living on a farm near Oca, and was alone as her husband had passes away in June, I desided to stay with my sister indefinitely.

I started a Genealogy of the John Brown Hudson family, (my Grandfather) in early 1968, and when I arrived in Missouri, it was ready to publishe. In August 1969, I had it published by teh MWM Color Press, Aurora Missouri.

In September 1969, my sister and I made a trip down in Arkansas, Hot Springs, Little Rock, Yellvelle, Harrison, and other places of interest.

I desided to stay in missouri all winter. It came a big snow just before Christmas and stayed on the ground about 5 weeks, and during that time the tempture got down to as mush as 8 below 0. I must say I have injoyed this winter, the first winter I have lived where it snowed in over 52 years.

This is the 12th of March 1970 and the snow is 6" deep and still snowing.


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